GAT Microencapsulation is committed to the same degree to a high standard of productivity, quality, safety, health and environmental protection.

The quality, safety and environmental policy serves as a comprehensive and objective intention of GAT Microencapsulation to quality and is supported by the company management.


We as proprietors committed to develop advance user and environmentally friendly technologies.

Our goal is the long-term technology leadership in the formulation chemistry to produce effective, safe and sustainable products to strengthen the position of the company and the employees.

The comprehensive qualification of our employees is a key indicator of the success, therefore, we offer career and promotion prospects and regular advanced training courses to all those who are willing to develop their own areas of expertise and to take responsibility.

GAT Microencapsulation objective is to develop the company into a quality brand, worldwide.


customers1  Customers

Reliability, punctual deliveries and the high quality of our products allow us to exceed customer expectations. What is true today needs to be developed for tomorrow.
We offer our customers competitive solutions based on our patented technologies, to satisfy our customers on the long term.


suppliers  Suppliers

Our supplier relationships are very important to us, this we ensure by long term contracts with our main suppliers. We require supplier compliance in consistently high quality products. High service quality of our suppliers as well by short term availability is essential for us. The performance of our main suppliers is monitored annually.



employ  Employees

A strong identification of our employees with the company is very important to us, this GAT Microencapsulation is supporting by we support with a safe working atmosphere and supporting the personal advancement.

We see misleading situations always as an opportunity to improve.
Moreover, we are paying attention to respectful, team-oriented and familiar atmosphere. Work-Life-Balance has the same priority as reaching company targets, our team of highly skilled and flexible employees are the fundament thereof. All these factors contribute to employee satisfaction and a strong feel-good factor, where everyone can steadily grow with the company.


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imp  Continuous improvement

All employees are committed to pro actively participate in the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System to prevention of environmental pollution, health and safety risks; full compliance with laws is the basic requirement.
Frequently, our quality, environmental, health and safety policy is communicated to all employees and the public.


health  Health and safety

‘Prevention is better than cure. ‘Our integrated safety management system is providing frequently trainings and safety instructions to our employees. Plans, programs and concepts are regularly updated and checked for effectiveness. State of the art Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to all employees. On site employment medical examination is offers regularly. Furthermore, safety devices and equipment are provided and continually improve in order to ensure the safety and health of employees.

Employee’s awareness raising by continuously trainings and courses, is the main task to prevent health and safety risks.



env Environment & society

We, as an Austrian and innovative family company, we offer quality jobs with long-term prospects in our region. If available, our company is sourcing form local suppliers, in order to support regional economy.

Compliance with legal regulations and technical guidelines, we considered as a minimum requirement. A frequently updated legal remedy data base has been implemented to ensure compliance with legislation. Voluntarily, we are working to improve our safety standards.

To comply with international standards, external bodies independently certifying our management system. Additionally, we maintain a transparent cooperation at the highest possible technical level with the relevant authorities.

We strive to minimize the environmental impacts caused by our company and its products. This includes the monitoring and evaluation of current operational environmental impacts as well as the prevention of accidents.

GAT Microencapsulation is paying attention reducing waste and to lower the consumption of materials and energy. We develop our products considering environmental friendliness and techniques.

Frequently, we inform our employees about environmental, safety and health measures. We are motivating our employees to personal responsibility and environmental- and safety awareness at their workplace.

GAT Microencapsulation is inviting the public, neighbors, firefighters and other organizations to events such as: ‘The open day’, annual exercises and inspections.

All contractors, working on our plant site, have to comply with our safety instructions and get a safety brochure prior to start with their work.