GAT runs a ‘state-of-the-art’ GLP certified laboratory for physical / chemical analysis.

We are operating with HPLC, GC, GC-MS, LC-MS, IR equipment.

Continuous improvement and specialized manufacturing processes according to international standards and top qualified personnel, we want to meet the high quality requirements of our customers.

Technical grade material

Study Method / Comments
Screening analysis
Development and validation of analytical methods for the active ingredient and impurities
Quantitative determination of the active ingredient and impurities
Batch Analysis of technical material (according to GLP) Identity of the active ingredient and impurities using MS, NMR, IR and UV spectrometric/ spectroscopic methods; Melting point determination
Preparative analysis of significant and relevant impurities
Establishing of analytical standards of highest purity
Determination of water content and Insoluble in acetone
Determination of acidity/alkalinity and other physical-chemical parameters


Study Method / Comments
Formulation development
  • Capsule suspension
  • Suspension concentrates
  • Emulsifiable concentrates
  • Combination of capsule suspensions and suspension concentrates
  • Oil dispersions
  • Suspo-emulsions
  • Water dispersible granules
Scale-up Start-up of production of new developed formulations
  • Accelerated study of storage stability tests
  • Shelf life storage stability tests
Determination of active ingredient content
Particle size
Storage stability of formulations (according GLP) pH value
Emulsion stability
Wet sieve test
Persistent foam
Analysis of formulation components Identification of formulation components

Dossier compilation for submission to EU Member States.