In oil dispersion formulations (OD), tiny particles of active substance are dispersed in a homogeneous phase – similar as in a suspension concentrate.

The main component in an OD formulation is a modified oil, which can be derived from both, vegetable or petroleum origin.

GAT Microencapsulation GmbH (GAT) has managed to apply the OD formulation technology to products that were in the past only available as dry granules or powders due to their chemical properties. Such products include herbicides of the sulfonylurea group.

The liquid OD formulation offers improved user-friendliness and a number of other advantages:

  • No electrostatic charge
  • No movement by wind
  • Improved efficacy
  • Patented technology
  • Wetting agents and adjuvants are part of the formulation

Since the enhancing ingredients (wetting agents, adjuvants) are part of the formulation, it is ensured that during application active substance particles, oil film, wetting agents and adjuvants are uniformly distributed on the leaf surface of the controlled weeds.

Because of the interaction of enhancing ingredients, a higher efficacy is achieved at a lower amount of active substance per ha.

Sulfonylurea active ingredients are predominantly taken up through leaf surfaces into weeds. The OD technology allows an improved application and up take process, therefore the amount of active substance per hectare could be reduced by up to 36 % while efficacy is maintained at a high level.

Manufacturing of OD formulations can be done dust-free using a certified milling


Since 2008 GAT OD formulations were tested in more than 100 certified field trials. Results prove the clearly better efficacy, which allows lower amounts of active substance per hectare.

Positive feedback from users in countries where GAT OD products are registered and marketed confirm the better efficacy.

The GAT OD Technology provides:

  • Enhanced efficacy
  • Lower amounts of active substances per hectare
  • Efficient and safe production
  • Higher user-friendliness:
  • Easy dosing
  • Dust-free formulation